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SDK4ED gets green light

SDK4ED is developing tools and methods to minimize the cost, the development time and the complexity of low-energy software development processes. The project will provide tools for automatic optimization of multiple quality requirements, such as technical debt, energy efficiency, dependability and performance in Internet of Things applications.

SDK4ED was assessed by a group of independent experts which found the project has made excellent progress during its first 18 month and gave the project green light for the second project phase.

For more details visit SDK4ED

SDK4ED Tool Box

This project is partially funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 780572.

Rita BurkertSDK4ED gets green light

IoTBridge monitors Vuonjokk bridge in North Sweden

IoTBridge has acquired its first project, a railway bridge in the very north of Sweden. The bridge will be equipped with two accelerometers and two strain gauge sensors during summer.

Due to deformations in the embankment, the sagging of the rail has caused abrupt changes in the stiffness, creating a bump for the train to pass over when entering the bridge. As a rehabilitation action, concrete foundation slabs have been installed adjacent to the abutments in the transition zones in order to spread the change in stiffness over larger distances The collected data is transferred to the IoTBridge cloud and analysed. The main objective of the measurements is to verify the efficiency of the rehabilitation measure.

Click the image for more details about the project:

IoTBridge is focused on developing and marketing products and services for Bridge Health Monitoring using IoT and AI technologies. IoTBridge Sweden is a subsidiary of CNet. Read more at

Rita BurkertIoTBridge monitors Vuonjokk bridge in North Sweden

Sveriges Radio reports MONICA erasing noise of outdoor concerts

On Tuesday the 11th June 2019 Sveriges Radio reported about the MONICA project “Researchers will erase noise from concerts”. The report referred to the latest concert by the artist Medina on the 31st of May 2019 in Copenhagens Tivoli included in their Friday rock concert series stating that the results of the MONICA project may be able to annihilate the noise disturbance of outdoor concerts.

The Tivoli is part of the international research project MONICA, which tries to find “smart” solutions that can satisfy both, concert enthusiasts and residents of the area, as neighbours have complained since Tivoli started their Friday rock concerts outdoors. Built 176 years ago, the amusement park was in the outskirts of Copenhagen, but has long been enclosed by the growing city and is situated in the centre now, with accommodation not far from the loud concerts.

Rita BurkertSveriges Radio reports MONICA erasing noise of outdoor concerts

IoTBridge publishes new web site

Cnets subsidiary IoTBridge launched today their new web site, IoTBridge is focused on developing and marketing products and services for Bridge Health Monitoring using IoT and AI technologies.

IoTBridges Edge Gateway offers a reliable and flexible monitoring solution for bridges. It supports both wireless sensors and wired sensors. This greatly reduces the deployment cost of the sensor system. The Bridge Edge Gateway can intelligently make local computations depending on the application needs. Measurements are transferred to the IoTBridge Cloud over standard mobile connections not requiring any expensive proprietary communication solutions.

Rita BurkertIoTBridge publishes new web site

CNet launches GoEasy mobile IoT sensing gateway

The first version of the GoEasy mobile IoT sensing gateway is now available. It is equipped with a Galileo-receiver, an air quality sensor, a sound level sensor and a communication chip.

The gateway is designed to be mounted on bicycles and electrical scooters. The sensors in this gateway continuously measure the NO2 level and the sound level. The measurements are transmitted using NB-IoT (Narrow-band IoT) to the GoEasy cloud. The Galileo chip gives the precise position where the measurements are taken while the vehicles are moving. The GoEasy gateway run on battery or can be powered through a USB Connection to an electrical bike or scooter battery. When a sufficient number of vehicles are collecting data in the city, GoEasy will be able to create a complete air and sound pollution map in realtime over the city. This data will form the basis for development of a new generation services for citizens.

The first service is AsthmaWatch, which will help and guide asthmatic people to avoiding polluted areas in the city. A first test of the GoEasy gateway will start during May in the cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Rita BurkertCNet launches GoEasy mobile IoT sensing gateway

CNet creates spin-off IoTBridge

We have now started a new spin-off company, IoTBridge, to commercialise results from our innovation projects Monica, IoTBridge and InfraSweden2030.

IoTBridge is focused on developing and marketing structural health monitoring of bridges using IoT – Internet of Things and AI technologies according to Peter Rosengren CEO for CNet.

IoTBridge has been founded by CNet and two world-leading researchers and bridge experts from the Department of Structural Engineering and Bridges at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Professor Raid Kharoumi and Associate Professor John Leander. IoTBridge will combine CNets IoT and cloud technologies with structural engineering algorithms for damage detection and life time assessment.

Rita BurkertCNet creates spin-off IoTBridge

MONICA successfully deploys crowd wristband at Tivolis Friday Rock

On Friday the 26th of April 2019 the MONICA project successfully tested a new feature, the crowd wristband, at the Friday Rock Concert at the Tivoli in Denmark. About 150 visitors to the concert had preregistered a wristband before the concert and 250 additional visitors signed up on the venue before the concert.

Overall 400 wristbands were deployed on the venue. The wristbands will enable to share contacts, find missing persons, get involved in the concert with blinking LEDs and a potentially a deployment for cash payments. Even if the applications to provide this functionality haven’t been fully implemented and the visitors could not look at the information collected during the concert, a survey after the venue showed that these features were perceived as unanimously positive.

Rita BurkertMONICA successfully deploys crowd wristband at Tivolis Friday Rock

Checkwatt reaches 2200 installations

With spring approaching the weather is more suitable to install solar power systems. Within the brief period of spring, Checkwatt has already gained over 200 new customers and the CNet spin-off company proudly announced breaking the mark of 2200 finished system installations.

With the currently installed number of systems Checkwatts maximum capacity of electricity as reached 48.361 kW/h. A significant share of Swedens solar energy production.

Rita BurkertCheckwatt reaches 2200 installations

PICASO Webinar on Innovative Solutions for Integrated Care

The PICASO project organised a webinar on Tuesday 26th March 2019 at 10:00-11:00CET. The technical partners of the project invited to join the live webinar, where several presentations summarise the innovative technical components and solutions developed in the project.

The following presentations will provide details about PICASOs Innovative Solutions for Integrated Care:

  • PICASO technical overview and architecture
    – presented by CNet Svenska AB, Sweden.
  • The FHIR platform as an interoperability basis. Clinician Dashboard overview
    – presented by Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, Germany.
  • Web-based technologies employed in integrated data visualisation
    (Data Resource Browser & Patient Data Viewer)

    – presented by Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia.
  • The PICASO Risk Manager and DIVA
    – presented by Fondazione Inuit Tor Vergata, Italy.
  • Patient Dashboard
    – presented by CNet Svenska AB, Sweden.

For more information:

Rita BurkertPICASO Webinar on Innovative Solutions for Integrated Care