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MONICA pilots

MONICA created tools for smart cities to use IoT technologies to support the management of security and (un)wanted sound at large, open-air cultural and sporting events which attract and affect many people.

One challenge of outdoor concerts is to ensure adequate levels for the audience while avoiding disturbance of the surroundings. With the initial concept of a sound field control (SFC) system, MONICA uses Bayesian inference to update a sound propagation model to tackle this issue using sound-zoning. The developed solution was tested at several large concerts and a noise reduction beyond the concert venue was achieved. The MONICA project and partners were rewarded for their outstanding connected solution to manage sound and safety in outdor events with the

Award Décibel d’argent

To further strengthen the management of such events, MONICA provides a cloud-based IoT platform supporting a series of applications that can be used to monitor, record and analyse the environment and consequently predict or identify situations which need attention. During events personnel can monitor the situation using a web-based interface – the MONICA COP – which provides an operational picture of the environment in real-time, and which displays notifications in case of any unusual activities. The MONICA services include crowd and capacity monitoring, detection of security, health and safety incidents as well as location of and communication between staff, visitors and control centre. The MONICA system was successfully tested in several large pilots during events that were visited by several 10.000 visitors. Read more at:


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