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Access the dataset from Vänersborg bridge

IoTBridge is now sharing a dataset related to the damage to the bridge in Vänersborg that was recently detected by the structural health monitoring system. The bridge is a single-leaf bascule bridge carrying railway traffic over a canal. It has been monitored by the system since 2021, continuously collecting data from strain sensors, accelerometers, an inclinometer and a weather station. The cloud-based service developed by IoTBridge was used to survey the bridge, and our routines for damage detection discovered a damage event in March 2023 that led to the bridge’s closure.

The dataset contains sensor data from the steel bridge and is unique in terms of the development and testing of routines for damage detection. It contains readings before, during and after the verified damage.

Image of bridge
The bascule bridge carries railway traffic over a canal
Peter RosengrenAccess the dataset from Vänersborg bridge