CNet is a leading-edge software house specialising in research and innovation for Internet of Things, Services and People. We are a R&D intensive software house and very experienced with collaborative international R&D projects and how to create innovative and exploitable outcome and long-term value from research and innovation projects.

The results of our innovation projects are exploited through spin-off companies, who market products and services based on our Internet of Things technologies. EnergyInBalance is a service for home owners to monitor and manage their household’s energy consumption using our Internet of Things technology. LinkWatch is a platform for self-management of chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, stroke and cardiovascular diseases based on a medical device gateway developed by CNet. WebHybris is a tool for monitoring and maintenance of critical infrastructures like bridges. We are also one of the main developers behind the Open Source middleware LinkSmart, a development platform for creating applications for the Internet of Things.

We currently have innovation projects in the areas of Digital Health and Elderly Care, Smart Cities and Infrastructure Monitoring, Smart Agriculture and Food Production, and Smart Manufacturing. Technologies currently being researched and developed by CNet are Software-defined Gateways for IoT Connectivity, IoT Modelling, Blockchain, Federated Cloud Services, Business-based IoT Data Integration and IoT App Development. In 2017 we received the Open Stockholm Innovation Award and we were finalists in the Hiab Hackathon Challenge and the Fortum AI at Home Hackathon Challenge. In 2018 we were awarded silver medal in the Elmia Agriculture innovation and we were finalist in the European Innovation Radar Price.

CNet is a spin-off company from Swedish IT research and was originally founded by a research group from SISU, Swedish Institute for Systems Development. CNet’s technical expertise is highly acknowledged and we have served as technical coordinator in several large pan-European R&D projects – Hydra, ME3Gas, REACTION, ebbits, Picaso and Composition and the project coordinator of IoTBridge. We have also been the Innovation Manager in several projects like Almanac and we have developed our own method for Innovation Management which is being used in several FP7 and Horizon2020 projects.

CNet is a member of AIOTI -The Alliance for IoT Innovation and SM2ME – Swedish M2M Enablers.

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