Open Positions, Summer Internships and Thesis work

IoT Apps Developer

CNet is looking for iOS and Android developers to work on a wide range of apps in Digital Health, Smart Farming, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Cities. You are an eager and autonomous developer with a passion for developing for mobile platforms. You know that writing excellent and clean code is essential for successful software. You are able to work well in a group but are also able to plan, manage and develop individual projects. You love to work in international projects.

Cloud Service Developer

CNet is looking for cloud service developers with experience of Azure development to work on big data. We think you have experiences from Docker deployment, NoSQL and SQL, Swagger and RabbitMQ and that you are passionate about creating robust and fast service layers and APIs to support our IoT app developers. You love to work in international projects.

Summer Internships and Thesis Work

We are also offering summer internships for 6-8 weeks during summer 2018 and are looking for talented master students to do thesis work in the following areas:

Mobile apps and services for smart cities based on the Galileo satellite system.

We are part of a large pilot project which is developing new services and apps for the new Galileo satellite system. Galileo provides a new level of precision and accuracy in positioning (down ot centimeter) compared with the GPS system. It is also impossible to spoof the system and fake your position. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for smart cities.

Blockchain services in ehealth applications and global supply chains

We are looking for ideas in how to use blockchain in ehealth for instance to create distributed electronic patient records. Other possibilties is to explore and evaluate the use of blockchain in global supply chains for product traceability applications

Tools for assessing and estimating technical debt in Internet of Things system

Technical debt is term used to assess the quality of software in economic terms. Technical debt occurs when developers need to take short cuts, limit testing and not document due to hard pressing deadlines. Technical debt management is concerned with estimate the amount in monetary terms of the technical debt and how much it would cost to invest in reducing the debt, paying off by fixing the problems. Internet of things is a technology where technical debt can be high due to the complexity and fast evolvement of this field. Easy-to- use tools for technical debt management are very much needed, and we are looking for good ideas to that.

Next generation apps and services for large scale open air events such as music festivals

We are looking for new ideas of how open air events such as music concerts, sports events, street festivals, city marathons can benefit from use of Internet of Things apps and services both for improved visitor experiences but also for security solutions.

App development for drone services

This thesis work will study how drone technology can improve smart farming and smart cities applications. Examples are crop detection, field size estimations, crowd size estimation.

OPC UA development for digital farming

Open Process Connectivity Universal Architecture is the standard for sensing and controlling complex equipment such as robots, harvesters, drying facilities, tractors. This work will involve embedded programming close to hardware level

Multi-agent systems for open market places

This thesis will study and evaluate how agent-based systems can be used to improve trading in open market places, where the buyers and sellers are represented by a digital agent who can negotiate and trade on behalf of its stakeholders. One application will be in supply changes but the thesis work need not to be limited to that.

Applications and Contact

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities send a mail to

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