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CheckHealth launches RheumaCloud

Today CheckHealth launched RheumaCloud, a service for rheumatologists aiding long-term management of patients. RheumaCloud is designed to help a rheumatologist engaging patients in their own care between visits to the clinic. An intelligent assistant guides and instructs the patient what to do every day based on a health plan provided by the rheumatologist. RheumaCloud continuously visualises the health status for the patients based on their own input. This gives them feedback on progress and stimulates them to follow your therapy, and increases their self-efficacy. RheumaCloud is the result of a long-term collaboration between the Rheumatology department at University Hospital Dusseldorf, UDUS. CheckHealth Sweden is a MedTech company focused on developing and marketing products and services for remote care and patient data collection. CheckHealth Sweden is a subsidiary of CNet.

Peter RosengrenCheckHealth launches RheumaCloud