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CheckHealth collects PROMS over the phone

Continuous data collection to understand patients health status and how they react to medication and treatment is the key to future improved healthcare. Todays solutions for this are based on either manually filling out questionnaries, use of smart phone apps or use of connected devices. These are costly for healthcare organisations and complicated for patients to use. To solve these problems Checkhealth is developing VoiceRPM – an Intelligent Digital Voice Assistant for Remote Patient Monitoring

VoiceRPM offers a cost-efficient yet naturally engaging way to ensure patients feel cared for around the clock even though carers can’t always be there. VoiceRPMs AI-powered voice dialogs allow care professionals to reach out and remotely monitor vital health values and support healthy habits for a large number of geographically distributed patients. The care organisation can easily design different questionnaries, PROMS, to collect patient reported outcomes and vital signs. VoiceRPM automatically calls the patients and collects the answers in an natural AI-driven voice conversation. The VoiceRPM digital assistant can collect the patient’s consent to contribute data and agree with the patient on a when it is a convenient time to call. The care persons only need to focus on the incoming data and how to treat the patients in the best possible way.

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Peter RosengrenCheckHealth collects PROMS over the phone