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Checkwatt reaches 2200 installations

With spring approaching the weather is more suitable to install solar power systems. Within the brief period of spring, Checkwatt has already gained over 200 new customers and the CNet spin-off company proudly announced breaking the mark of 2200 finished system installations.

With the currently installed number of systems Checkwatts maximum capacity of electricity as reached 48.361 kW/h. A significant share of Swedens solar energy production.

Peter RosengrenCheckwatt reaches 2200 installations

Checkwatt expands

CNets spin-off company Checkwatt offers solutions and services for resource efficiency through information, measurements, and visualization. CheckWatt AB offers products and IT services within the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency for both private and corporate customers.
With a fast-growing customer base in Sweden Checkwatt aims now to extend its customer base to other countries within Europe and extend its services to the demands of changing electricity systems and markets. The growing number of consumers installing solar panels and contributing to the electricity production create the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions to mitigate climate change but also have new demands on the grid. Structures need to decentralize to meet the requirements of the changing market. In most European countries the grids consist of central gigawatt-scale generating units, thousands of miles of high voltage transmission lines, minimal energy storage and carbon-based fossil fuels or nuclear energy as a primary energy source. The possibility to deploy growing numbers of intermittent renewable generating sources offers the possibility to decentralise the market and create so-called microgrids as a flexible architecture for deploying distributed energy resources.

Visit Checkwatts new international Website for more information:

Peter RosengrenCheckwatt expands

Checkwatt reaches 2000 installations

With prices of solar installations reducing, production efficiency increasing and more and more aesthetically options to choose solar panels are on the rise in Sweden. The number of homeowners and companies which equip suitable surface areas with photovoltaic systems is steadily growing.

More and more homeowners decide to invest in a solar installation. Sweden has sufficient sun exposure to generate renewable energy with solar installations. Investment costs of a solar installation are usually retrieved by state subsidiaries, savings in energy costs and selling surplus electricity within less than 15 years. Considering that manufacturers offer usually a 25-year performance guarantee on solar panels, installed systems provide free electricity after writing off the investment. Our spin-off company Checkwatt offers solutions and services for measuring and visualising electricity production from solar energy, and trading with energy certificates.

Checkwatt is proud to announce to register the 2000th customer this month.

Peter RosengrenCheckwatt reaches 2000 installations

Checkwatt achieves 1.600 installations

Since 2007 the number and capacity of Photo Voltaic installations in Sweden has significantly increased. Declining prices of photovoltaic equipment, as well as the introduction of the direct capital subsidy system in 2006 and a revision in 2009, make photovoltaic installations competitive. The number of roof-mounted systems installed by private persons or companies built on self-consumption business models has steadily increased and reached a new record in 2017.

Checkwatt, which is a spin-off company from CNet, provides complete solutions in energy production and energy consumption for both private and corporate customers has also significantly increased its market share. By combining electricity meters, electricity certificate meters and user-friendly visualization, Checkwatt helps its customers to keep track of the entire energy production chain and supports the certification of energy produced and fed into the grid.

Checkwatt is proud to announce to have reached 1.600 finished system installations today.

Peter RosengrenCheckwatt achieves 1.600 installations