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Publication of MONICA Development Toolbox

MONICA created tools for smart cities to use IoT technologies to support the management of security and (un)wanted sound at large, open-air cultural and sporting events which attract and affect many people.

With the MONICA project finalised, the final Development toolbox is available for download on GitHub:

Software Development Toolbox

The MONICA Development Toolbox can be used to integrate various resources into the IoT Platform and hides the complexity of the communication with IoT devices. It contains sound and security applications for large, open-air events in city areas using IoT-enabled devices such as smart wristbands, video cameras, sound level meters and mobile phones. It is divided into three areas:

  • Software Developer Tools. These are packaged tools with user interfaces intended to be used by developers.
  • Generic Enablers. These are re-usable software components available in an Open Source GIT repository which can be used by entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies alike.
  • Third Party Services and Tools. These are some openly available third-party tools that are recommended by the MONICA project to use when building Large Scale IoT applications. MONICA Tools and Generic Enablers have available interfaces for these third-party tools and services.
Peter RosengrenPublication of MONICA Development Toolbox

MONICA project successfully closed

The MONICA project demonstrated how cities can use IoT technologies to support the management of security and (un)wanted sound at large, open-air cultural and sporting events which attract and affect many people. Even though the project officially ended 31st of March 2020, the results live on and we invite you to browse our pages to see how you can benefit from the solutions and experiences of the project.

To accommodate the current required social distancing the final review was organised online.

The team of the MONICA Project presenting the results achieved in more
than 3 years of intense collaboration at the Final Review organised remotely.
More info about the project:

Achievements of the MONICA Project:

Applications for crowd safety and security

MONICA services include crowd and capacity monitoring, detection of security, health and safety incidents as well as location of and communication between staff, visitors and control centre.

Applications for sound monitoring and control

Organisers of concerts want to give their performers and audiences the best music experience but they also wish to comply with local regulations on environmental sound exposure. MONICA deploys an acoustic system consisting of novel sound field control schemes which provide an optimised sound field in the audience area while minimising the exposure to noise in neighbouring areas.

Applications for citizen engagement and innovation

MONICA created several user-driven applications, rooted in advanced technologies grown by the needs of cities and its people.
MONICA created an open data repository that enables cities to make MONICA sensor data available to the public. The aim is to provide factual information as a basis for better decision-making and enable the use of the results for new smart city applications.

Peter RosengrenMONICA project successfully closed

Monica develops IoT technology for large cultural outdoor events

As part of our innovation area Smart Cities we have started one of the largest European projects on deployment of IoT solutions in large scale applications. Focus  of the Monica project is to deploy wearable IoT technologies together with the latest sound management technologies to improve security, sound disturbance and user experiences at large otu door events such as music concerts, sports games, street festivals and other outdoor shows. CNet is developing the monitoring tools for providing a common operational picture together with a set of different apps for visitors as well as security personnel.

Providing enjoyable and secure outdoor events have become a top priority for modern cities, but at the same time they need to have solutions for reducing noise and annoyance for the surroundings. This challenge will be solved by the Monica project.

Peter RosengrenMonica develops IoT technology for large cultural outdoor events