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CNet ConnectedHealth

CNet Connected Health is a product that allows users to manage home measurements of various health parameters (eg, blood pressure, weight, pulse, glucose, oxygen saturation) at times when it suits them. Measurements are automatically transferred to central systems or services.   Read more

LinkSmart and Continua

The LinkSmart (formerly known as Hydra) open-source middleware will support the Continua standards for personal health devices, such as glucose meters, blood pressure meters and weight scales. Old medical devices and new Continua-certified devices can be accessed through the LinkSmart unified web services interface leading to faster development for personal health applications.   Read more

Ageing Independently

The “Integrated Network for Completely Assisted Senior citizen’s Autonomy (inCASA)” project deals with citizen-centric technologies and public/private services network, to help and protect independent elderly people, prolonging the time they can live well in their own home by increasing their autonomy and self-confidence   Read more

Energy smart homes

Our new consumer-oriented service, CheckWatt, gives home owners total control over their energy bills. The service provides an Internet-based smart metering of each individual appliance in the home. The energy consumption is measured and presented down to hours and appliance. The new service also includes tools for benchmarking between housholds.   Read more