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Checkwatt expands

CNets spin-off company Checkwatt offers solutions and services for resource efficiency through information, measurements, and visualization. CheckWatt AB offers products and IT services within the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency for both private and corporate customers.
With a fast-growing customer base in Sweden Checkwatt aims now to extend its customer base to other countries within Europe and extend its services to the demands of changing electricity systems and markets. The growing number of consumers installing solar panels and contributing to the electricity production create the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions to mitigate climate change but also have new demands on the grid. Structures need to decentralize to meet the requirements of the changing market. In most European countries the grids consist of central gigawatt-scale generating units, thousands of miles of high voltage transmission lines, minimal energy storage and carbon-based fossil fuels or nuclear energy as a primary energy source. The possibility to deploy growing numbers of intermittent renewable generating sources offers the possibility to decentralise the market and create so-called microgrids as a flexible architecture for deploying distributed energy resources.

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Peter RosengrenCheckwatt expands